Web advertisements

     Only having a certain amount of space is important to organize in a way that you grab the attention of a viewer while they are already trying to look at something else. Using strong tag lines and bring green and red displays a sort of “look at me” vibe that makes you just a little curious as to what lies beyond the green arrow button.


Business Stationary

     Creating a letterhead, business cards, and even envelopes all matching, may seem like something that is last minute. A minor detail. When in fact, it’s one of the most important  things within business identity. It’s what people see of your company before they’ve even become a part of it. First impressions are everything and I think this will grab the attention of it’s viewers.

National Forest State Park

“Not at those who wander are lost”

     The three parts of this advertisement are different places around Oregon you can experience. The Red Woods are in California with the tallest trees in the world, Crater lake has the deepest lake in the United States,all while the lava beds in Tulelake, California have 6,000 year old lava beds! I think attaching these facts to an advertisement would bring interest and curiosity to the viewer to may be see these places someday.



This is the excerpt for your very first post.

     I had a little fun with this one, as the logo repeated on the back of the packaging is also repeated on the background on the front are the logos to the actual company. Subconsciously  I think putting the logo on to the packaging will help people become more familiar with the logo and the company. Sort of like a swoosh on nike merchandise.