I am someone who is very devoted to my job and my life. I am creative with a huge imagination. I am quick to think of solutions to resolve problems. Even though I’m currently a server while I attend college, graduating in march 2017, it has helped me to be stronger in stressful situations and think on my feet. It has helped me with customer service and interaction with others. I am a positive person and always try to be motivating toward others to stay positive. I am a very good listener and am willing to listen to any idea you have to offer and am willing to help a hand wherever it is needed.

I’ve always lived on the Oregon Coast and hopefully can incorporate what I’ve learned here in to the work I do. I love creating and making anything from raw materials as much as in software. I like to actually feel a product to see what the dos and donts a company might want for their product. Do you want your company to come off as nice, rough, expensive, effective, affordable? I like to take on any challenge and see what I can come up with. Everything is a learning experience and there is no wrong way, just having an idea that is unspoken can be the worst tragedy of all.